Navigator by Kingshill CA

NAVIGATOR is our resource easily downloaded on any android enabled phone or tablet device. This app combines the features of analyzing temperament, likely career choices suitable to such temperament and weaknesses and strengths of such individuals. It is the ideal companion for everyone who seeks to genuinely discover self and play to one's strengths and take advantage of opportunities once they present themselves. This APP is free on the Google Play Store and we encourage everyone to download the App and take a test today. For more guidance on how to effectively use the app for an individual or group kindly contact us here.

007 Laws of Academic Success & Excellence

This book has been a best seller among several colleges and institutions we have visited. Kingshill Coaching Academy deliberately built and designed practical steps for the Nigerian student to take to become more productive and successful in academic domain. With our understanding of 21st Century coaching skills and superior personality analysis, we understand that "there are no dull students, only dull classrooms". This hinges on the ability of the tutor to be dynamic in their approach to engaging individuals from different backgrounds.

007 Laws of Academic Success & Excellence

Undoubtedly the best selling materials for both young and old, written and revised by Head Coach Gbenga Ademujimi is a fantastic compilation of practicable road maps to take in life for every individual. "Stop running another man's race" is the message this material preaches and furthermore delves into how each person can run the race of their lives, stay in their lane and WIN. Every person looking to discover purpose in life and live an impact-FULL life should have this book.