About Us

Kingshill Coaching Academy is a HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT and INTELLIGENCE CONSULTING organization providing training services with relevant insights to help people and organizations move forward and set personal and professional goals that will help them fulfill potential. It is our belief that trapped within every individual is a natural ability to succeed however, success in its entirety depends largely on discovery of self and purpose, identification of resources within and around; and mind re-engineering.

Since inception in 2008 till date, Kingshill Coaching Academy (aka School of Discovery) has assisted several organizations, educational institutions, organizations in private and public sector and professionals achieve optimal capacity in achieving work and life goals and we possesses the ability to unlock potentials hidden in people by utilizing.

  • Our contemporary modules

  • Experienced and certified coaches and facilitators

  • Advanced tutoring techniques

Over this period, we have been able to positively affect the lives of over thirty thousand individuals who have been beneficiaries of courses or trainings that we have converged or facilitated. Our Mission is to UNLOCK the potentials in you by teaching, mind re-engineering and empowerment. We make you envision the future and secure it. Below listed are some of the Training and Certification we provide.

  • Life Coaching

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Life & Economic Empowerment Program