Weakness to Strength

Sometimes, the devil attacks you on your uniqueness or strength to make it look like a disadvantage and distract you from pursuing it to greatness.

This is the true life story of Walt Disney, one of the most creative geniuses of the 20th century & creator of series like Cinderella, Treasure island, Alice in wonderland, and the globally popular animation, Mickey mouse.

Did you know that Disney was once fired from a newspaper because he was told he lacked creativity? Can you imagine?

He could have sunken into pity party and depression or even changed career lane because of it, after all, a reputable news paper has checked him out and found him to lack creativity.

Trying to persevere, Disney however went ahead to form his first animation company (a creativity-driven business), Laugh-O-Gram Films which he courageously managed to raise $15,000 for but despite this positivity, he still eventually was forced to close it down, following the close of an important distributor partner.

Desperate and out of money, Disney out of an incurable self-belief in his creativity still maintain his chosen career/busisness lane and found his way to Hollywood but faced even more criticism and failure until finally, his first few classic films started to skyrocket in popularity.

Summarily, Disney later received record-breaking 59 Academy Award nominations (in the creativity industry that he was told he lacks), including 22 awards won.

In February 1960, Disney was inducted to the Hollywood Walk of Fame with two stars, one for motion pictures and the other for his television work; while his Mickey Mouse creation was given his own star for motion pictures in 1978.

In fact, the Walt Disney Family Museum records that he along with members of his staff, received more than 950 honors and citations from throughout the world.

In its most recent annual survey of major global brands late last year, Interbrand ranked Disney No.13 in the world, and the report valued the brand alone at $36.5 billion.

What are you calling ‘ordinary rod in your hands’ just because of what people have mockingly called it but God is calling it your ‘Red sea divider’?

What future ‘Disneyland’ have you given up on just because you got disdained or rejected through it, yesterday?

This new week, it’s time to get your self-belief back and rock that talent/skill/business idea like an unstoppable force that you’re designed by God to be.

Nothing is impossible with an incurable belief!

Good morning.

You are unstoppable!

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