Same Old Things

I’m not really a prophet but in about 30days from today i.e. April 1st, some people will broadcast, tweet, or say the same thing they did yesterday like ‘March is my month of breakthrough’; ‘March, my favoured month’; ‘March, I’m marching forward’; and the likes but with nothing to show for all their ‘faith’ or ‘positive’ confessions.

I’m still not really a prophet o but I also know the main reason why this happens and will probably happen again by May 1, and again by June 1, and possibly again by January 1, 2018.

They hope, pray and fast for a miracle but have no mental capacity to contain, retain, & maintain the answer when God reveals it.

They keep looking far for their answer (from an uncle/aunty’s gift, from a ‘deliverance’ session, from a very big opportunity, from a magic wand from nowhere, etc) when it is right within them.

They are stuck in a limiting or stagnating mindset that won’t allow them to strategically move with what they have NOW but rather will make it okay for them to keep hoping against hope for a big breakthrough while on the same spot.

See, there’s nothing you are praying for today or you’ll ever pray for that ‘s not already given to you by the finished work of Christ Jesus on the cross. That’s why He said, “IT IS FINISHED!” So, stop begging Him with your prayer, crying, fasting, etc when you’ve not equipped your mind to boldly, gracefully, & strategically access what has already been giving to you. (Prayer is good and has its purpose, though- topic for another day)

If prayer answers all things, u can pray yourself into becoming a medical doctor or lawyer without going through the medical or law school!

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Good morning.

You are unstoppable!

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