Did You Know

US chemist, Arthur Spencer Silver was working on behalf of the company, 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company) to develop a super-strong adhesive but ended up creating the multi-million dollars generating Post-it notes (together with Arthur Fry) almost as a by-product of his work?

Even American Harry Coover who eventually invented the super-strong adhesive was looking to develop artificial glass for his employer, Eastman Kodak when instead he produced an adhesive substance that was launched onto the market as Super Glue?

The Pfizer research institute staff were working on the development of a medicine to tackle heart complaints when they unintentionally discovered the drug to combat erectile dysfunction in men called Sildenafil, popularly known as Viagra?

In the early 20th century, Tea trader, Thomas Sullivan accidentally invented the small tea bags we now use, when he was trying to find a way around the weight problem of tea samples in those days that were sent in large, expensive tin containers. He placed the tea in small, space-saving silk bags but his customers thought they were intended for direct use, dunked them in water (like we do now) and drank the tea (the material was later replaced by filter paper)?

Lots of other celebrated inventors worked tirelessly towards an invention goal that suffered defeat but kept an open mind to recognize the new opportunity being presented to them in the course.

Just imagine the millions of dollars that would have been missed if the inventors of post-it notes, superglue, Viagra, & tea bags had been blind to these accidental discoveries during the course of working on their original research goal; or had become depressed/demotivated because of failing to achieve their original research goals.

So, this new week, don’t be so carried away by your goal that you lose sight of the opportunities the journey to it presents!

You may not get your dream job, but ensure you get what the journey through it is teaching you!

You may not have reached a desired goal in your business, but ensure you’re not blind to the other opportunities the business market is throwing at you!

Most times, God is more interested in who you become through the process/journey to a promise/goal than what you get from it!

That is why, success does not necessarily mean achieving a set goal; it is more of achieving the best possible result in a presenting situation.

I see a new week of new opportunities & of letting go of regrets & disappointments over unachieved goals!

I see a new you maximizing every moment (pleasant or not) till you deliver the best you!

I believe in you- go deliver!

You are unstoppable!

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