Monday’s Motivation

I remember cycling a friend’s bicycle one lovely evening in their estate and noticed a lady ahead of me, cycling also. She was obviously cycling a little slower than me and so, I decided to try to catch her (don’t ask for the reason!). Meanwhile, I had about a km to go on the road before turning off to my friend’s house where I took off.

So I started cycling faster to close up on her. After like 2 minutes I was right behind her. With a flashing though of proving to her that I’m a very good & fast cycler, I picked up my pace, pushed myself, & cycled past her speedily. (as if I was cycling the last leg of an Olympic race).

On the inside I felt so good knowing that I beat her & she of course would have noticed me cycling strength as a man. So, I stopped & looked back only to shockingly realize that she had turned off to her street & I had been so focused on competing against her plus impressing her that I had missed my turning junction by about 1km and had to turn around and go all back while heavily panting.

Isn’t that what happens in life spend our limited time & energy competing with others- friends, co-workers, neighbours, or family trying to outdo/impress them or prove that we are more successful till we miss out on our destiny path?

The big problem with unhealthy competition is that it’s a never ending ‘cycle’. There will always be somebody ahead of you: someone with better job, sexier body, nicer car, more money, more education, a more handsome husband/a beautiful wife, better behaved children, etc.

This new week, focus on taking what life has given you & not what you were not given but see in others. Every life’s challenge becomes less stressful & better solvable when we focus on what we have & how to maximize it for solving our life’s challenge, rather than what we don’t have. There’s no competition in DESTINY!

It’s your best week ever. Go deliver!

Good morning.

You are unstoppable!

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