Crush Your Limiting Belief

The power of our beliefs system is immense. If we all developed an understanding of the thoughts and ideas that we automatically have, those that we no longer question when they appear at the forefront of our minds; then we could all be leading a better life through banishing the negative chatter.

Limiting beliefs are held in the subconscious of your mind. If you think about the last time you wanted to try something new and a fearful thought popped up in your mind and warned you away from it, that is recognizing a limiting belief.

Limiting beliefs tell us we’re not good enough, clever enough or attractive enough to do, have or be what we really want in life. They keep us from trying something new or changing how we’ve always done things in order to achieve better, more positive outcomes for ourselves.

How do I recognize a limiting belief?

You don’t have to look far to recognize a limiting belief, they tend to let themselves known when there’s a particular part of your life you’re hoping to change.

For example, someone who is unhappy in their relationship might have a limiting belief that says, “my parents’ marriage was a wreck so I doubt mine could be better”. Or “most relationships go bad after a time anyway”. This would be a limiting belief that may then lead to settling with a less than desirable situation.

What are your limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are personal to you. Yes, you may have been heavily influenced by your childhood, parents or peers but as they come from your subconscious, only you have the power to change them.

Work now on identifying 2 or 3 limiting beliefs that you may have or have had about yourself. Common examples are:

I’m not a very lucky person
I’m not good at sport
I’m terrible at talking to people
I’m not a very good cook.
We all have limiting beliefs but the trick is to tap in to our inner voices, hear our negative chatter, so that we can work on banishing those thoughts that limit our abilities. In doing so this could lead to a more positive and fulfilled life where more and more becomes possible.

Changing and Banishing Limiting Beliefs

We’re all allowed to change our beliefs, often there isn’t anything stopping us doing so but refusing to believe any different or an alternative point of view.

Just recognising limiting beliefs alone is a great step to banishing them. Many people also find the use of affirmations a powerful tool.

An affirmation is a positive thinking technique to encourage change. The idea being, if we make positive statements and repeat them over and over, they will go on to affect our life positively. Using one of the limiting beliefs you’ve just identified, use the exercise template below to create a new affirmation for yourself:


Limiting belief: I would love to work as a singer in clubs on the weekends but I can’t because I don’t think any club would hire me.
Affirmation: I’m an excellent singer and I will find it very easy to find places to perform.
Now your turn – What is your limiting belief and what will your affirmation be?

Work on recognising your limiting beliefs and making some positive affirmations in your life – you just might notice a great change. Even becoming more aware of your thought process is a huge leap in the right direction.

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