Frivolity of a whole nation

“Visiting SICK PMB in the UK”

‘The things you Value become the Values of your Life’. This dictum runs in the economically wasteful visits of APC political leaders to an ailing president in the UK whose home country has been completely ravaged by latent Poverty, lack of Electricity, Unemployment, Herdsmen Attack and brave Kidnap of both the poor and the rich. These are still yearning for the solution-driven attention of same delinquent party and party leaders in APC. More worrisome is the fact that the God-forbidden visitation of insensitive party delegates has not only ended in the media, it has fully occupied the minds of even the opposition party who (out of desirous political vendetta) is set to waste their resources and risk the lives of party stalwarts to go photo-shopping for the physical image of President Buhari. No praise whatsoever to the gamut of APC team in the UK over Buhari’s health while the health of over 170million other Nigerians means nothing to them. A waste of yet to-be-earned foreign resources.

Unfortunately, a sect of the country no longer sees the econo-political sufferings of the land, but the non-inclusion of noise-making Governors Fayose and Wike on the opposition-led entourage to PMB in his sick hospital apartment in UK.

My people, why should we be given so freely to frivolities as against issues of national benefit? Is it not a sufficient shame that our leaders cannot be treated by the medical facilities they have been spending money on? Dead, dieing or alive, what difference has PMB caused the nation in his 2 year presidency; and how do we get the government work for our benefits with or without PMB? This is what I feel should pre-occupy our hitherto EMPTY MINDS. A candid opinion of Justus.
Thank you

Adewale Ademola Justus.

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